GFHV Review: Russo’s Italian Deli

Russo’s Italian Deli

164 Main Street
New Paltz, NY 12561


Website and Menu

Waitstaff: A-

-Staff is friendly, but the place can get really busy. Take out is a great option if you’re in a hurry.

Ambiance: B+

-The inside is a deli, with little glass tables (the Italian newspapers underneath the glass of each table are a nice touch.) It’s casual and feels like your regular neighborhood joint. Outside, there is a small patio with views of Main Street. You can even eat with your (leashed) dog outside, a really nice touch and a nod to the community. Russo’s feels like the bare bones of a restaurant inside (and to be fair, they really are a deli), but the sandwiches are well worth the minimalist decoration. You don’t come here to stare at the walls — you come here to stare at your sandwich for .005 seconds before devouring it. (Case in point: before I took the photo in this post, I had already taken a bite of the left triangle. No shame, I’ll admit it. It was that good.)

Food: A

-Awesome. Come here for the best breakfast sandwich in town, hands-down. Gluten free bread is a very reasonable $1 extra. Specify you have a food allergy when ordering. I got the perfect toasted, buttery vegetarian breakfast sandwich with eggs, mozzarella, onions and pesto ($5 regular, $6 gluten free.) The buttery, browned bread is really key to this — all too often I’ve ordered gluten free sandwiches at other restaurants that leave the bread untoasted and unappreciated. Just because it’s wheat free doesn’t mean it has to be free of flavor! If you want to satisfy the Italian in you, don’t worry: there are plenty of sandwiches featuring traditional Italian meats, like prosciutto or soppressata, that will leave your stomach satisfied.


Vegetarian breakfast sandwich from Russo's Italian Deli with eggs, mozzarella, red onions and pesto.

Vegetarian breakfast sandwich from Russo’s Italian Deli with eggs, mozzarella, tomatoes, red onions and pesto.

Overall: 9/10

-Russo’s makes a great sandwich with prices that make my wallet smile. I tend to forget it’s there…but when I remember, I always remember that I’ll be back soon. Russo’s wipes the floor with any competition for the cheapest, most mouth-watering gluten free breakfast served in New Paltz.

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