GFHV Review: Glutino Cornbread Stuffing

I picked up this package of Glutino Cornbread Stuffing because it was on sale (hey-o!) and I wanted to try it. Last year, my first gluten free Thanksgiving, I made my own stuffing using Schar bread, onions, carrots, and gluten free gravy.

I was a little nervous. I’ve enjoyed Glutino products before (I’m a total die-hard fan of their Chocolate Vanilla Creme cookies), but stuffing is so important to Thanksgiving! I was really hoping it would turn out well.

Even though the bread cubes come pre-seasoned, it’s important to note that you still need quite a bit of food products. I followed the recipe on the back of their box (makes six cups of Glutino Cornbread Stuffing), which called for:

-2 eggs

-2 tablespoons of unsalted butter (I used salted. Heresy, I know. I’ll wait for the real chefs to kick me out of the kitchen. I’m only human, okay? I’m so not going to the store on Thanksgiving!)

-1.5 cups of broth (chicken or vegetable)

-1.5 cups of sauteed onions and celery.

I hardly ever use celery in anything, and hadn’t bought any prior (oops), so I settled for just onions. I sauteed them on low heat “until translucent” in the melted butter and let them cool before combining all ingredients in a mixing bowl. When they were well mixed, I transferred them to a medium-sized baking dish, covered with aluminum foil, and baked at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. I then removed the aluminum foil and continued baking for 8 minutes, as instructed, or until lightly browned:

I baked this gluten free Glutino cornbread stuffing and added onions in.

I baked this gluten free Glutino cornbread stuffing and added onions in.

I wasn’t expecting much, but it was perfect! It was very bread-like and didn’t feel “fake” or “spongy” at all. It was as close to stuffing as I remember normal stuffing being. I loved the flavoring of the seasoning, which made it really tasty. I also had used fresh chicken broth, and I think that did make a difference, so I would advise using as high a quality broth as you can manage since I think it’s crucial to the flavor.

I highly recommend it. I doubt it’ll stay in my fridge for long.

GFHV Recipes: Gluten Free Apple “Pie”

Happy Thanksgiving from Gluten Free Hudson Valley!

We’re hoping you’re enjoying this holiday with family and friends, surrounded with good (gluten free) food.

For an easy, inexpensive dessert that’s as American as apple pie, try this apple pie-like combination. Be warned, it’s a bit of a pseudo-recipe. I was too lazy to make dessert from scratch after prepping the rest of the food. This one’s for you, my fellow couch nappers.

Apples A La Mode (serves 6)

-One gallon of vanilla ice cream (we used Turkey Hill Original Vanilla)

-One to two cans of apple pie filling, 20 oz. (we used Mother’s Maid apple pie filling, but any kind will do.)

-Ground cinnamon, ~2-4 tsp. (we used Walgreens brand “Nice!” ground cinnamon)

This is gluten free dessert for the super lazy.

Step 1: Wash and open the can(s) of apples. Dump into ceramic baking dish. Stir in cinnamon and heat for 10 to 15 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees, until warmed.

Step 2: Scoop out ice cream into individual serving bowls. Serve with apples on top. Sprinkle on additional cinnamon if desired.

Step 3: Stuff your face, because your stomach has a dessert compartment as well as a dinner compartment.

This easy gluten free dessert is just like apple pie with cinnamon and ice cream. A total crowd pleaser in ten minutes? Seconds, please! (Photo: @glutenfreehv Instagram)

This easy gluten free dessert is just like apple pie with cinnamon and ice cream. A total crowd pleaser in ten minutes? Seconds, please! (Photo: @glutenfreehv Instagram)

Bam! Super easy, super delightful, and there will be no complaints from the non-gluten free crowd. It’s hard to argue with a bowl of sugar and fruit in front of you.

If you prefer a pie crust without the hassle, you can try Pillsbury’s gluten-free pie crust. It’s available at most major supermarkets (and Walmart!), so it should be available even in areas where it’s hard to find gluten free food. If you’re having a hard time finding it, use the General Mills Product Locator here to find your fave Pillsbury gluten free goodies.


GFHV News: Tips For a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

Editor’s Note: This story was originally written for The Poughkeepsie Journal and written by Ann Byrne.

It’s time for talking turkey once again, and there is no other holiday where food takes center stage quite as much as Thanksgiving. My sister, a brilliant cook, has hosted the big meal for many years and recently passed the torch to me. Not only do we have Thanksgiving in common, but we also both have celiac disease.

That makes two gluten-free diners out of 26 at my house this year, so I will be adapting dishes to suit everyone. If you are hosting and have gluten-free diners, there are some adjustments you should make, but don’t feel like you have to master the art of cooking and baking gluten-free overnight.

To read more, check out the original article here.