GFHV Recipes: Super Simple Tilapia

I’m all about using the oven, especially now that it’s well into November. I love making dishes that have two-in-one uses of the oven, and I love running off to finish other household chores while the oven does the dirty work. I was craving some fish (and not craving seafood restaurant prices!) So I picked up 1/2 lb of tilapia at the grocery store (under $5!) and cooked it up.

GFHV’s Super Simple Tilapia

-Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

-Obtain tilapia – rinse under cold water.

-Sprinkle your favorite seasoning (my go-to is this garlic pepper grinder from McCormick)

Garlic Pepper Seasoning Grinder via

Garlic Pepper Seasoning Grinder via

-Wrap approximately 1/2 lb of tilapia – or if you’re cooking for more than one, whatever amount of fish you have – in aluminum foil. The foil should act like a pocket and seal in the heat — each serving should be in its own foil package. I bought boneless fish — skin and de-bone if necessary.

-Wash and cut crowns of broccoli (or insert your favorite veg here). Toss lightly in olive oil and garlic pepper and place on separate baking tray from tilapia.

-Place aluminum packets on a baking tray and bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes on the center rack, or until flaky.

-Bake the broccoli on the lower rack for the same amount of time.

Ta-da! It’s a healthy, no-brainer gluten free meal. Serve with fresh brown rice (for triple bonus points, start the rice cooker right before you put the tilapia in the oven so they’re done at the same time) or gluten free bread.



What’s your favorite way to prepare tilapia? What about other fish? Any suggestions?



GFHV Review: Main Street Bistro

When I first entered college, Main Street Bistro (affectionately referred to as “the Bistro”) was a favorite of mine. Its breakfast special (toast, two eggs any way you like, and home fries) was a cheap Saturday morning fave. But now that I’m eating gluten free, does this college staple still hold up? I tried to push away the nostalgia and review this staple once more, this time without consideration of the delicious pancakes (which, on some level, I’m still mourning the loss of those delicious chocolate chip stacks.)

Main Street Bistro

59 Main Street
New Paltz, NY 12561


Website and Menu

Waitstaff: A

-Staff is super friendly, although it can get swamped here, especially on weekends. Despite this, I’ve never had a rude server here (if anything is even slightly out of whack, it’s fixed right away with an apology — pretty awesome.)

Ambiance: B-

The Bistro is cozy and cramped, and depending on when you visit, the noise level gets a little ridiculous. There’s always some kind of music streaming from the TV, and the art here cycles in and out to showcase artists, but let’s be honest: you’re not here for the decor. You’re here for the eggs.

Food: A-

-I leave the Bistro with a solid A-. It’s always delicious and fresh (get the avocado, you can’t go wrong!), but its gluten free options are lacking. You can go with the Breakfast Special sans toast, or one of their sandwiches with gluten free bread as a replacement, but it’s more of a lackluster replacement than a true gluten free foodie experience. They’re very clear about their intentions — the menu states that the Bistro is not a gluten free facility, but if you tell your server you have an allergy they will do their best to accommodate it. (Anecdote here: I’ve never gotten sick from the Bistro.)  I usually skip the toast and go straight for one of the frittatas. Here, I got the Athens Frittata, sans toast, which was $6.95. Eggs, home fries, spinach, feta and red peppers. Not terribly expensive, but a little pricey for what you’re getting. (I still inhaled it.)

photo(4)Despite the crowds and the surefire idea that I’m going to order some sort of egg dish, I keep coming back. I love that the coffee is unlimited, and tend to come here for a caffeine buzz on the cheap. If you don’t like eggs, though, your options are limited here.

The Reality of Gluten Free Nutrition

I’ve been eating gluten free for nearly a year now — towards the end of November 2013. In the beginning, I had no idea what in the world I was going to eat. I ate a lot of baked potatoes, Tostitos and carrots and peanut butter. So one year later, you’d think I’d have it all figured out…right?

Let’s find out. I tried to think of the foods that I eat on a regular basis, and this is what I came up with. Not very balanced, huh?

My Gluten Free Food Pyramid

This is what the FDA recommends:



I don’t pay much attention to how much protein I get. That suggested 2-3 servings per day of meat and beans? I probably get 2-3 servings per week. Whoops.

Since I tend to only notice the lack of energy I get when I’m consistently working out (and because meat is expensive!), protein is often the first thing to go.

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GFHV News: Take Initiative for Gluten-Free Halloween Fun

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on The Poughkeepsie Journal and written by Ann Byrne.

If your child has to live a gluten-free life, Halloween can be a particularly touchy time. After all, this holiday has a tremendous focus on food and socializing. Being proactive by hosting a Halloween party for your little one is a terrific way for you to take this holiday back.

You will be popular with parents when you invite their child to your home. Let them know that they simply can’t bring any food items into your gluten-free home due to fears of cross-contamination. You’ve just saved a busy grown-up a little time and money.

Read more from the original source here.

GFHV Recipes: Easy Dinner; Three Great Seafood Ideas

Editor’s Note: This was originally written for the Los Angeles Times by Noelle Carter.

t’s Gluten-Free Wednesday. Even if you have no intention of ridding it from your diet entirely, there’s no reason you can’t go free of gluten once in a while. It’s not that hard. With these gluten-free seafood ideas, you’ll never know what you’re missing.

Chipotle Salmon via

Chipotle roasted salmon: Salmon quickly picks up the flavors of this chipotle marinade, the fiery chiles married with tequila, a touch of sesame, and fresh notes of garlic, cilantro and green onion. Simply spoon the marinade over the fish and let it sit while the oven heats up, then roast for 12 to 15 minutes until done.

To read more, head here for the original source.

GFHV News: The Rise of Celiac Disease Still Stumps Scientists

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on and written by Mandy Oaklander.

This is your gut on gluten

Two new studies in the New England Journal of Medicine rocked the world of celiac research, both proving that scientists have a ways to go in their understanding of celiac disease, which affects about 1% of the population, whether they know it or not.

One Italian study wondered if the age at which gluten is introduced into the diet could affect a person’s likelihood of developing the autoimmune disease—so they kept gluten away from newborns for a year. To the shock of the researchers, delaying exposure to gluten didn’t make a difference in the long run. In some cases it delayed the onset of the disease, but it didn’t stop people from developing the disease, for which there is no cure.

The second study, of almost 1,000 children, introduced small amounts of gluten into the diets of breastfeeding infants to see if that fostered a gluten tolerance later on in those who were genetically predisposed to celiac disease. No such luck for them, either. Though both studies were excellently designed and executed, says Joseph A. Murray, MD, professor of medicine and gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, each was “a spectacular failure.”

Read more from the source on here.

GFHV News: Bell & Evans Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets Recalled

If you’ve bought gluten free chicken nuggets lately, you may want to check the label. According to, more than 31,000 lbs of Bell & Evans Gluten Free chicken nuggets have been recalled.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on and written by Laura Northrup.

Drop that nugget! The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced a recall of 31,600 pounds of Bell & Evans gluten-free chicken nuggets that were shipped nationwide. Random testing in Colorado turned up contamination with Staphylococcal enterotoxin, and all nuggets in the batch have been recalled.

Staphylowhat? The pathogen that caused this recall is Staphylococcus aureus. If that name sounds familiar, certain strains are the “Staph” in “Staph infection” and the “SA” in “MRSA,” or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or the antibiotic-resistant superbugs that are causing serious, terrifying illnesses.

Read more from the original source at Consumerist here.

GFHV News: Gluten-Free Girl Products Are Coming, Starting With Flour

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published via Business Week and written by Venessa Wong. You can find the original article here.

Fans of Shauna Ahern know her as the Gluten-Free Girl from her blog, which she’s kept since 2005, drawing about 500,000 readers each month, and from her James Beard Award-winning cookbook. Now she’s trying to reach gluten-free consumers through their cupboards with a new line of flours, starting with an all-purpose blend that’s also dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, corn-free, soy-free, tree nut-free, and fish and shellfish-free.

Ahern’s Kickstarter campaign to launch Gluten-Free Girl Flour Blends reached its $79,000 goal on Friday with some help from actress and writer Lena Dunham, who mentioned the campaign to her 1.8 million followers on Wednesday night.

To read more, here’s the full-length article from Business Week.

GFHV Review: Russo’s Italian Deli

Russo’s Italian Deli

164 Main Street
New Paltz, NY 12561


Website and Menu

Waitstaff: A-

-Staff is friendly, but the place can get really busy. Take out is a great option if you’re in a hurry.

Ambiance: B+

-The inside is a deli, with little glass tables (the Italian newspapers underneath the glass of each table are a nice touch.) It’s casual and feels like your regular neighborhood joint. Outside, there is a small patio with views of Main Street. You can even eat with your (leashed) dog outside, a really nice touch and a nod to the community. Russo’s feels like the bare bones of a restaurant inside (and to be fair, they really are a deli), but the sandwiches are well worth the minimalist decoration. You don’t come here to stare at the walls — you come here to stare at your sandwich for .005 seconds before devouring it. (Case in point: before I took the photo in this post, I had already taken a bite of the left triangle. No shame, I’ll admit it. It was that good.)

Food: A

-Awesome. Come here for the best breakfast sandwich in town, hands-down. Gluten free bread is a very reasonable $1 extra. Specify you have a food allergy when ordering. I got the perfect toasted, buttery vegetarian breakfast sandwich with eggs, mozzarella, onions and pesto ($5 regular, $6 gluten free.) The buttery, browned bread is really key to this — all too often I’ve ordered gluten free sandwiches at other restaurants that leave the bread untoasted and unappreciated. Just because it’s wheat free doesn’t mean it has to be free of flavor! If you want to satisfy the Italian in you, don’t worry: there are plenty of sandwiches featuring traditional Italian meats, like prosciutto or soppressata, that will leave your stomach satisfied.


Vegetarian breakfast sandwich from Russo's Italian Deli with eggs, mozzarella, red onions and pesto.

Vegetarian breakfast sandwich from Russo’s Italian Deli with eggs, mozzarella, tomatoes, red onions and pesto.

Overall: 9/10

-Russo’s makes a great sandwich with prices that make my wallet smile. I tend to forget it’s there…but when I remember, I always remember that I’ll be back soon. Russo’s wipes the floor with any competition for the cheapest, most mouth-watering gluten free breakfast served in New Paltz.