GFHV Review: Glutino Cornbread Stuffing

I picked up this package of Glutino Cornbread Stuffing because it was on sale (hey-o!) and I wanted to try it. Last year, my first gluten free Thanksgiving, I made my own stuffing using Schar bread, onions, carrots, and gluten free gravy.

I was a little nervous. I’ve enjoyed Glutino products before (I’m a total die-hard fan of their Chocolate Vanilla Creme cookies), but stuffing is so important to Thanksgiving! I was really hoping it would turn out well.

Even though the bread cubes come pre-seasoned, it’s important to note that you still need quite a bit of food products. I followed the recipe on the back of their box (makes six cups of Glutino Cornbread Stuffing), which called for:

-2 eggs

-2 tablespoons of unsalted butter (I used salted. Heresy, I know. I’ll wait for the real chefs to kick me out of the kitchen. I’m only human, okay? I’m so not going to the store on Thanksgiving!)

-1.5 cups of broth (chicken or vegetable)

-1.5 cups of sauteed onions and celery.

I hardly ever use celery in anything, and hadn’t bought any prior (oops), so I settled for just onions. I sauteed them on low heat “until translucent” in the melted butter and let them cool before combining all ingredients in a mixing bowl. When they were well mixed, I transferred them to a medium-sized baking dish, covered with aluminum foil, and baked at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. I then removed the aluminum foil and continued baking for 8 minutes, as instructed, or until lightly browned:

I baked this gluten free Glutino cornbread stuffing and added onions in.

I baked this gluten free Glutino cornbread stuffing and added onions in.

I wasn’t expecting much, but it was perfect! It was very bread-like and didn’t feel “fake” or “spongy” at all. It was as close to stuffing as I remember normal stuffing being. I loved the flavoring of the seasoning, which made it really tasty. I also had used fresh chicken broth, and I think that did make a difference, so I would advise using as high a quality broth as you can manage since I think it’s crucial to the flavor.

I highly recommend it. I doubt it’ll stay in my fridge for long.

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