Oh, Bread, How I Loved You (And How Gluten Free Bread Needs to Improve)

I’d almost forgotten about how delicious regular bread is — until I read “Should You Eat Gluten-Free Bread?” via Time.com

The verdict from experts: it’s expensive. It spikes your blood sugar more than wheat and table sugar. Why are you eating this?

Well, I’m eating this to feel normal again.

Before I was forced to give up wheat, I could practically write a love letter about bread. When my family and I visited France, my very first stop was to a bakery so I could buy a gigantic loaf. And then I proceeded to eat it all by myself, happily skipping down the street (not even exaggerating here. The love is real.)

But now, things have changed. (Insert ominous music here.)

I rarely eat sandwiches made with gluten free bread. If I do, it’s usually at a restaurant, where I’m paying extra moohlah for the gluten free option anyway, so I might as well enjoy it. I think I had a chicken sandwich at home three or four weeks ago.

I completely agree with the experts — gluten free bread is not good for you, and I recognize it for what it is — a treat. It’s not something I consume daily, or even weekly, and when it’s on sale, I stock up and dole it out in even portions.

Gluten free bread is really terrible sometimes. My preferred brand is Schar (if you toast it and close your eyes, you can pretend it’s real bread!) because it’s got some of the same texture of real bread. It’s not perfect, but it’s close enough. It’s also great to make stuffing (it’s Thanksgiving season!) with. It’s also packaged as vacuum-sealed, so I can buy tons on sale and not eat it right away — awesome for my stomach and my wallet.

At this point, I’ve forgotten what a real French baguette (aka my favorite food in the whole world) tastes like, so…I don’t know. I realized this the other day and it was a real turning point in my gluten free journey, and not one I am happy about. I will try baking my own gluten free bread eventually, but I’m super lazy and want to crowdsource a recipe. Suggestions welcome.

If you too are gluten free and craving a baguette, Udi’s makes one — I’ve found it difficult to find. It’s fine. It’s just not France.

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