GFHV Review: Main Street Bistro

When I first entered college, Main Street Bistro (affectionately referred to as “the Bistro”) was a favorite of mine. Its breakfast special (toast, two eggs any way you like, and home fries) was a cheap Saturday morning fave. But now that I’m eating gluten free, does this college staple still hold up? I tried to push away the nostalgia and review this staple once more, this time without consideration of the delicious pancakes (which, on some level, I’m still mourning the loss of those delicious chocolate chip stacks.)

Main Street Bistro

59 Main Street
New Paltz, NY 12561


Website and Menu

Waitstaff: A

-Staff is super friendly, although it can get swamped here, especially on weekends. Despite this, I’ve never had a rude server here (if anything is even slightly out of whack, it’s fixed right away with an apology — pretty awesome.)

Ambiance: B-

The Bistro is cozy and cramped, and depending on when you visit, the noise level gets a little ridiculous. There’s always some kind of music streaming from the TV, and the art here cycles in and out to showcase artists, but let’s be honest: you’re not here for the decor. You’re here for the eggs.

Food: A-

-I leave the Bistro with a solid A-. It’s always delicious and fresh (get the avocado, you can’t go wrong!), but its gluten free options are lacking. You can go with the Breakfast Special sans toast, or one of their sandwiches with gluten free bread as a replacement, but it’s more of a lackluster replacement than a true gluten free foodie experience. They’re very clear about their intentions — the menu states that the Bistro is not a gluten free facility, but if you tell your server you have an allergy they will do their best to accommodate it. (Anecdote here: I’ve never gotten sick from the Bistro.)  I usually skip the toast and go straight for one of the frittatas. Here, I got the Athens Frittata, sans toast, which was $6.95. Eggs, home fries, spinach, feta and red peppers. Not terribly expensive, but a little pricey for what you’re getting. (I still inhaled it.)

photo(4)Despite the crowds and the surefire idea that I’m going to order some sort of egg dish, I keep coming back. I love that the coffee is unlimited, and tend to come here for a caffeine buzz on the cheap. If you don’t like eggs, though, your options are limited here.

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